LightLab International Tour in September

On Thursday September 17, 2015 the IES Phoenix Section took a tour of LightLab International Phoenix and their testing equipment and procedures after a lunch presentation at Olive Garden. 



Ryder Tunney operates the facility and was our tour guide at the lab.  We witnessed a test-in-progress as well as review the equipment used for the photometric IESNA LM79-08 testing.
About LightLab International (excerpt from
LightLab International Inc. as a subsidiary of LightLab International in Australia, have expanded with the introduction of another LightLab photometric test facility! Based in Phoenix, AZ. The laboratory houses a state of the art 5m (16.5ft) Type-C rotating mirror gonio-photometer, namely; R80A. Built and manufactured by LightLab International, the R80A is exceeding customer specifications and quickly becoming the most sought after photometer worldwide. This system is proves outstanding accuracy and is far more capable than any other phototmeter commercially available.