IES Phoenix Section Board

IES Phoenix Section Board


Mark Greenawalt, PE, LC, LEED, President Cory Schneider, Vice-President
Creative Designs in Lighting Lighting Unlimited
Tel 602.248.7822 Tel 480.292.3709
Scott Wright, PE, Secretary Jennifer Huff, Treasurer
Wright Engineering Philips Lighting
Tel 480.497.5829 Tel 480.204.6753
Board Members & Committees
Past President – MSA Engineering, Tel 602.943.8424
 Membership –   Scott Wright, PE Wright Engineering, Tel 480.497.5829
Public Relations/Awards –  Shay Alber Inverse Lighting, Tel 480.344.6826
Education –  Richard Harris Lighting Unlimited, Inc., 720.354.8726
Illumination Awards –  Jason Davis Inverse Lighting, 702.449.6149
   Jennifer Huff Philips Lighting, Tel 480.204.6753
 Nominating –  Nathan Short  Energy Systems Design, Tel 480.481.4979
 Programs –  Dave Inman  Lighting Unlimited, Inc., Tel 480.398.0074
 Cory Schneider  Lighting Unlimited, Inc., Tel 480.292.3709
 Managers –  Richard P. Bowen  Electric Supply, Inc., Tel 602.252.2343
 Peter Brown  Nuwave – Alset, Tel 623.866.2731
 Michele Patrick  Allied Group Sales, Tel 602.244.8500

Board of Managers Meetings

(open to all members, contact us for exact times and locations)

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