Fundamentals of Lighting Course
Spring 2016 Session

Thursday Evenings at 6pm @ Philips Lighting Classroom
7720 North 16th Street, Suite 420
Phoenix, AZ 85020


-The course is divided into seven modules and they will start on Thursday, February 18th, 2016 and proceed for the next 6 Thursdays per the schedule below.
– The cost the course is $395 for IES Members ($435 for  Non IES Members). The textbook, Fundamentals of Lighting Student Manual FOL-09 is included. 
-For additional information, contact Robin Goetz, LC at 480-242-5355 or

Date  Course Module/Instructor Module Description
Basic Lighting & History /

Jeff Farrington

Course Content:

History of lighting with special emphasis on technology energy efficiency and it’s interaction with architecture. Relationships among light, vision and color.  (Module 1)

Luminaires & Controls /

Robin Goetz and John Abberton

Course Content:

Various types of luminaires offered today by mounting type, light source and application. Understand lighting controls today, how they work and why they are important.  (Modules 4 and 5)

Photometry /

Roger Smith

Course Content:

Understand how to read photometric reports on Luminaire cut sheets; use data to calculate average illuminance (Lumen Method) and illuminance at a point.  (Module 6)

MAR 10  Light Sources & Devices /

Andy Ferguson

Course Content:

Basic operation and performance characteristics of  Electric light sources; how ballasted (or driver) sources operate as a system. Identify commonly used light sources and where they are applied. (Module 2)

Lighting for Interiors & Design Process /

Mark Mueller, LC

Course Content:

Appreciate the complexities involved in designing lighting for residential & commercial spaces along with the objective & subjective aspects of lighting for interiors.  (Modules 8 & 9)

 Lighting for Exteriors /

Scott Wright, P.E., LC 

Course Content:

Understand glare, light trespass, safety and security and know that there are many types of exterior lighting applications, each with their own unique design considerations.  (Module 10)

 Codes & Standards and Daylighting /

Mark Greenawalt, PE, LC, LEED

Course Content:

Understand the latest in codes and standards, especially how they impact lighting system design today.

Understand the basics of illumination by natural light, location of windows and reflective surfaces and sunlight itself.  (Modules 3 & 7)

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