Meeting Update - Madison Street Jail Tour

    The IES meeting on Thursday 9/19 was a big success! A big thank you goes to Hans Papke, Architect PM with DLR Group who was able to facilitate the site visit at 225 Madison Street building, formerly the Maricopa County Madison Street Jail.

    The design challenge was how to transform a secure, closed, and fortified structure designed to separate individuals from society and completely reinvent it as an open, welcoming work space with daylight and views. The re-designed building will offer modern offices with panoramic views, outdoor rooftop garden located on the 5th floor, transforming the 34 years old building into something that brings “a breath of fresh air” to the area.



    A few facts about repurposing 225 Madison Street building:

    Total Square Feet: 263,595 SF

    Number of County Attorneys to occupy the facility: 935

    Total $ saved using adaptive reuse rather than new building: Approximately $70 Million

    Anticipated waste diverted from landfills:

    2,105,000 lbs. of reinforcing steel

    65,117,000 lbs. of concrete (16,633 cubic yards of concrete)


    Thanks to all who attended, and looking forward to an excellent year!


    2019 IES Phoenix Section Emerging Professionals Design Charrette








    The participants worked on a residential 1000 sq.ft. loft project. They had to provide lighting solutions for spaces such as Living area, Kitchenette and Dining area, Bedroom, Bathroom and Closets. Some of the challenges were to provide lighting for the art displayed thought-out the space, task lighting at the desk where the ceiling up above was slopped, and bedroom closet had a mirror above the built-in chest.
    All participants did an excellent job which made it very difficult for the judges to deliberate. Our panel of judges gave constructive feedback based on their areas of expertise, experience and background.
    We are very proud to announce that 1st place went to Jen Gong, 2nd place Hannah Thompson, and 3rd place Dan Kelley. CONGRATULATIONS!
    A big thank you to all of you who participated and supported our young talent!


    2019 IES Phoenix Section Achieving Dark Skies

    Presenter will be Sebra Choe; Economic Development Project Manager for Town of Camp Verde, spoke to the IES Phoenix Section on: 

    • What is the value of dark skies and what difference has it made for Camp Verde?
    • What does it mean to be an International Dark Sky Community and what are the requirements?
    • Example of dark sky programs and initiatives
    • What can you do to support dark skies at your home, place of work, and in your community?



    2018 IES Phoenix Section Emerging Professionals Social

    IES Phoenix Section had their first Emerging Professionals social / meeting. The students and young professionals were able to learn about different luminaire types, controls and lighting design applications while having a good time and mingling with other industry professionals.


    2018 IES Phoenix Section "Understanding IES Resources for Best Practice"

    IES Phoenix Section met late October for an outstanding lunch presentaiton by Sean Carnal of RC Lurie. Sean presented on the avaialbe IES resourses, where to find them, what's available and how to use them. Thank you Sean!


    2017 IES Illumination Awards Announced

    The International IES Illumination Awards of Merit were announced for 2017 and we would like to congratulate Brendon Smith, John Jolly, Mark Greenawalt, and Mark Mueller for their three winning projects for the IES Phoenix Section!  Click on the awards page for more information about their projects and also to find out who won in the other sections around the country and who won in past years.

    Visit the IES national site at to find out how to enter an award for the coming year.  Good luck!


    IES Tour – Marina Heights in Tempe

    Join us for a joint walking tour with the American Institute of Architects Arizona Component through the 20 acre Marina Heights campus at Tempe Town Lake. Davis Architecture will be our guide as we explore a representative selection of the 2-million square foot, $600 million project, the largest office development in Arizona history.


    Lighting Sommeliers: Pairing Solid-state Lamps and Dimmers in Existing Spaces

    Presented by Gregg Adams, LC, LEED BD+C
    Thursday November 19, 2015 from 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM MST

    The Old Spaghetti Factory
    1418 N Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85004

    The gold standard of interior dimming is the incandescent lamp with its smooth dim to zero, no flicker, color shift to warm, easy maintenance, and positive impacts on lamp life. How close are integrated LED lamps to matching that standard? How do lighting designers simultaneously maintain visual quality for the user without compromising the building’s electrical infrastructure? Are LED’s costing owners more money than they are saving? This course will provide an overview of the complex electronics utilized in solid-state lighting devices and explore the more challenging aspects of integrated solid-state lamp and dimmer interactions.

    About the Gregg Adams:

    Gregg Adams, Principal, LC, LEED AP BD+C is responsible for all phases of project work at Clanton and Associates, from initial client contact to project completion. Since entering the industry in 1989, Gregg’s architectural lighting experience has ranged widely from aviation and education sectors to urban streetscapes, transportation, and municipal street light master planning. Previous residential lighting designs have received Awards of Merit from the IESNA.

    Notable projects include the ongoing site lighting design for the South Terminal Redevelopment Project at Denver International Airport, the green retrofit of the Empire State Building, the Oberlin Environmental Studies, the 14th St. Streetscape improvements in Denver and the Boulder Transit Village in Boulder, CO.

    Gregg holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Arizona State University and an MBA from the University of Denver. He is a recurring guest lecturer for the Interior Design program at Colorado State University, is Lighting Certified by the National Council on the Qualifications of Lighting Designers (NCQLP), and is a LEED Accredited Professional for Building Design + Construction.


    Integrating Daylight by Design

    October 29th, 2015 – The IES Phoenix Section held a presentation at Phoenix City Grill on “Integrating Daylight by Design”.

    Abstract – There are many benefits to bringing daylight into facilities such as health benefits and energy savings which top the list. There can be detrimental effects, however, when daylighting isn’t properly designed. This presentation will present some of the key concepts in Daylighting Design including building orientation, building envelope considerations, skylight technologies, and coordination with lighting and control system integration.

    Presented by:
    Mark Greenawalt, PE, LC, LEED BD+C has been in the electrical engineering and lighting design industry since graduating with a BSEE from Penn State University in 1989. He is one of the lead lighting designers at Creative Designs in Lighting in Scottsdale, AZ and serves on the board of the IES Phoenix Section. Greenawalt has been part of the design team on several projects that incorporated daylighting as part of their LEED documentation and received awards of merit from the IES Illumination Awards.

    Zack Hoyt earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Architectural Engineering with an emphasis in Lighting and Electrical Systems from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a lighting designer at Creative Designs in Lighting who specializes in photometric analysis and all facets of construction document preparation. Zack also designs decorative fixtures and is has experience in electrical engineering.


    LightLab International Tour in September

    On Thursday September 17, 2015 the IES Phoenix Section took a tour of LightLab International Phoenix and their testing equipment and procedures after a lunch presentation at Olive Garden. 

    Ryder Tunney operates the facility and was our tour guide at the lab. We witnessed a test-in-progress as well as review the equipment used for the photometric IESNA LM79-08 testing.

    About LightLab International (excerpt from

    LightLab International Inc. as a subsidiary of LightLab International in Australia, have expanded with the introduction of another LightLab photometric test facility! Based in Phoenix, AZ. The laboratory houses a state of the art 5m (16.5ft) Type-C rotating mirror gonio-photometer, namely; R80A. Built and manufactured by LightLab International, the R80A is exceeding customer specifications and quickly becoming the most sought after photometer worldwide. This system is proves outstanding accuracy and is far more capable than any other phototmeter commercially available.